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Journal Like God

Here's your invitation to explore the spiritual magnificence that resides within yourself!  The Answer Within Academy, my books, Journal Like God and The Peephole Effect are designed to awaken you to your true power - your divine power.  Every day you are at choice as to how you are going to live your life.  You are the boss of you!  You are a spiritual being living in a spiritual universe.  I invite you to learn about the Universal laws that govern your life - and how use them to your advantage today! 




The Peephole Effect

The Peephole Effect: Perception Is Everything is a compelling read that explores and explains the complex connection between human perception and consciousness. This latest release from New Thought author Maryann Locaparra (formerly Patalano) takes an in-depth look at how the subconscious rules our experience, often in dramatic ways that result in unwanted circumstances repeating in our lives.


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COMING SOON! The Answer Within Academy is a place where you can explore and learn about the spiritual principles that govern your life! 


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Mission Statement: Empower myself and others by utilizing spiritual principles!

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