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 The premise of the session is that our lives are an out-picturing of our strongly held beliefs.  Some of our beliefs serve us, while others create difficult and unwanted situations and circumstances.


Did you know that every problem has a spiritual solution?

A session is one in which I meet with the client for about 1 hour by telephone or zoom, to discuss a particular problem or situation in which a spiritual solution is sought. Many clients are seeking answers or expansion in such areas as health, finances, career, creativity, or relationships. Others just seek spiritual support while navigating life changes. Still others simply seek support in keeping their vibrations high regarding gratitude, divine right order, and trust in Spirit (God.)

As a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, I am trained to carefully listen to your concerns, uncover your limiting beliefs, and offer loving prayers in accordance with co-creative spiritual principles of new thought. I use my deep, heart centered approach that allows you to explore and empower your authentic self! Spiritual law states that the answer to any problem is within the individual.

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